Sunday, April 5, 2009

Where to begin?

I swear she is dressing this way just to piss me off.

The First Wookie is a complete embarrassment to all clothed people on the planet.

I don't understand her get-ups. Jackie O? Hell no, she is Jackie Oh No!!!

I understand that she is an Amazon with a horse's rear and a caveman's underbite, but when you have so much against you, you can at least try to dress in a style that doesn't cause cranial pain.

How about this piece of work?

Aside from the ill-fitting blue slinky knit suit on Mrs Brown ( ever hear of Spanx, Mrs VPL?), We have another ' What in the world is she wearing?' moment for Michelle. Let's start at the inappropriate sweater. Yes, it's ugly, super ugly, but even in it's repulsiveness she could have attempted to buttoned it correctly. But that's not the end of it, from the front it looks way too tight, but as you can see as it is pinned up the middle of the back, she actually wanted it to look as if she is wearing her 8 year old daughter's cardigan.

The green shoes are a retread from January 20th. Green, brown, blue, whatever. I am sure that this woman dresses in the dark.

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